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A visit with a friend

The day is long, the headaches many; I look for peace, but can’t find any.  Amid relentless rush and noise, life seems devoid of all its joys.                                                                                         I long for comfort, someone kind, whose love might ease my troubled mind;   But in this world of constant hurry, each person has his own deep worry.

There is a place where I can go, someone to hear my tale of woe;   One who always has the time to share the load, to ease the mind!                                                                                                    I open the door and go inside, where peace and quiet still abide.  Trading softly down the aisle, I greet Him with a tired smile.

“How good it feels to be with you! Please help me, tell me what to do!”  At first, this is my fervent plea; but silence soon descends on me.                                                                                         It stills my heart, the turmoil ends- no words are needed between two friends,  At peace with Him, and He with me, I know I’m where I ought to be .

With Him I’m sure to find the way  to cope with living day by day.And when I leave, our visit through, he’ll say, “I’m always her for you.”                                                                                          I know that next week I’ll return, to talk and listen, to think and learn;   To find life’s meaning and true reward before our Eucharistic Lord.



Gloria J. Pinsker        Horsham, Pennsylvania