Tax Back Scheme

Published on October 28, 2020

Tax Back Scheme for Eligible Charities – Our Parish is an Eligible Charity within above Scheme.
All donations of €250 and over from both PAYE Tax Payers and Self-employed Persons qualify for a Tax Refund of 31%.This Tax Refund can now only be claimed by a qualifying Charity.

In 2019 a Tax claim form was completed by many eligible Parishioners and this form extends for a five year period. We have now sent out a Tax Claim form to all Parishioners who are eligible this year or may not have returned the completed form in 2019 or previous years.

We would urge you to return it before the 4th November deadline.

We sincerely thank all of you our Parishioners for your  continued generous donations to our Parish and your diligent completion of the necessary forms to enable us reclaim this Tax which now forms a very important part of our annual income.