Prayer for Family & Friends

Dear heavenly Father,
there are so many people in our lives
that we would like to remember in prayer.
You know the needs of our friends and family members,
and You want to help us with those concerns.

We lift up their burdens to You today.
Please give them whatever they need to face this day. Whether they are struggling in their health,
finances, jobs or relationships,
we ask that You will bless them in every way,
including helping them to draw close
to each other and closer to You.

We pray for a hedge of protection
around each one
that calls upon Your Name.

Almighty God, I pray that in all your goodness
you will bless my friends and family,
and keep them safe from harm.

Please let them be happy and healthy,
and give them the strength
to get through the difficult times.

I pray for those who are ill
that you will give them a speedy recovery,
so they can return to their lives, rejoicing.

Lord please help me get through
this trying time in my life,
so I can again have peace,
love and happiness in my life.


Guard our home as well, God,
that no harm will fall on it as we are away.
May it continue to be a sanctuary
of blessing, comfort, and love
for each one of us.
Let it always be a restful place
for our tired bodies at the end of the day.