Prayer for the Coming Week.

Dear Lord, prepare me for the coming week.
You know my heart and all the situations
I am dealing with
and you know the things that are happening
beyond my control.
Please give me your peace and help me
to accept what I cannot change.
Take away my stress, my worries, my disappointments,
my frustrations and my sadness.
Help me to live with an attitude of gratitude,
live each moment to the fullest
and take nothing for granted.
Help me to remember that no matter what comes my way,
your grace, love and strength
are sufficient to carry me through.
Please wrap your arms around those
who are sick and hurting
and let them feel how much you love them.
Bless my family and friends
and guide us through this week.
Help each of us to act responsibly
and ease the anxiety felt by many.
Comfort the lonely and especially the bereaved.
In Jesus name I pray. Amen.