Thought for the Week

Let us not tire of teaching the love of God
for it is the force for peace
that will overcome and save the world.

So pray now for

Peace before us,

Peace behind us,

Peace under our feet.

Peace within us,

Peace over us,

Peace through us,

Let all around us be peace…


May we all know this peace

and feel the touch of the One
we call by many names.

May you have the strength to meet the day’s troubles.

May all your plans prosper.

May your victories bring goodness to those around you

and those you work with and for.

To set yourself to these ordinary tasks

is to take up the holy work of your life.

Trust it—
money and possessions and glory;

These things come and go and

they will never make us feel secure.

Love, Serenity, Peace,
Charity and Faith is the goal.

It comes from living deeply in the gift of life doing the work of love,

cultivating our gratitude,

and noting the touch of the Holy Spirit
in our lives.

Embolden us this day, Eternal God

to live with eucharistic hearts

open to the call of the Gospel

today and everyday

In Jesus name.